So two days ago I heard that The Mars Volta was no more. It had bit the dust, ceased to be, kicked the bucket. I've been sad ever since. I know what you're going to say (my flatmate actually did): "You didn't like them very much if you only heard about the break-up two days ago when it actually was two years ago"

My love for TMV is unmeasurable. Yes, I haven't been on top of the music news, I have been sort of in a cocoon of perfect ignorance bliss, just listening to the music, not concerning myself with the trivia. I've always been like that; I usually don't even know the names of the band members or how they even look like. I'm all about the music.

I remember when I saw them in concert in 2009. It may be one of my best memories. Although it was pouring rain and in a big festival like that (Werchter) not a lot of people were there to see TMV but other groups, I had the best time a girl could want. 

I actually cried. I did, I swear. My emotions were, as the Spanish say, on my skin (you can't really translate it, it's the marvellous and horrible things about languages, but you get the picture). When they left the stage and didn't come back for an encore I just started to cry and cry, and cry. I couldn't control myself. I felt like I would never be able to see them again.

I tried, I looked at dates and stuff but it could never be. And now it will never be. And that makes me real sad. It's been two glum days since I heard the news. Listening to all their albums non-stop; remembering that moment under the rain, with a borrowed sweatshirt, with my eyes closed, just enjoying their energy, absorbing it and ignoring everything else.

But let's not be all glum and miserable. They did leave us with 10 years of beautiful work that we can enjoy until the end of our lives.

Thanks, guys. We will be eternally grateful.

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